Apartment Building Management 101 for the Involved Owner: Know Your Tenants

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APARTMENT BUILDING MANAGEMENT 101 FOR THE INVOLVED OWNER: KNOW YOUR TENANTS Managing an apartment building means that you will have to keep track of a good many things, from repairs and maintenance to city inspections and utility bills. Perhaps the most important aspect of managing a building however involves people rather than things. It is

The Art of Maintenance – Plumbing Tips for the Involved Owner

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APARTMENT BUILDINGS AND THE ART OF MAINTENANCE: PLUMBING TIPS FOR THE INVOLVED OWNER As a commercial real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles, we have helped hundreds of clients obtain and maintain their commercial properties. Our clients include companies, financial institutions and other large organizations. Yet there is a special satisfaction we get from working

The Rent Control Myth

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THE RENT CONTROL MYTH: INVESTING CONSIDERATIONS FOR MULTI-UNIT BUILDINGS IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY As commercial real estate brokers in Los Angeles, one of the most common requests from prospective buyers is to locate building that are not under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) aka “rent control.” Approximately 85% of all apartments in Los Angeles are